Once more on the Floating Continent

May 18, 2023, “Once more on the Floating Continent” was released exclusively for Kindle. It is priced at $2.99.


Ken Terui, a journalist who lost his girlfriend to suicide about four years ago, ventured alone to a floating continent that suddenly appeared in the South Pacific. There, Ken comes into contact with the alien civilization Hyanorl and falls in love with an alien woman, Frare Karel, who protects him. While the earth is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis due to the emergence, Ken and Frare’s ever-crossing love develops.


The genre is love story + science fiction. The story is shown alternately from the viewpoint of the hero, Ken Terui, and that of the heroine, Frare Karel. The story begins with a very critical situation, but it is basically resolved by the end, so the reading experience is not bad.

Recommended for

The intended readership is high school age and older, male and female, and we do not include topics that can only be understood by a specific age group. Although the book is science fiction in style and centered on a love story, it is accessible even to those who are not good at those things.

  • word count
  • pop
  • poem
  • atypicality
  • romance

Nobuyuki Inoue




Written in the first person with poetic sentiment, from the POV of the hero and heroine, respectively


About 80,000 words

and more